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A D.Gray-Man, single-fandom dressing room.

It all started with a misplayed note on the Ark. A tune played different, and suddenly everything was out of control. Instantaneously everyone in the war-- Exorcists, Noah, Finders, Inspectors, even the Earl himself-- were completely wiped off the face of the planet. Aside from the Innocence, the Akuma, and the buildings, there was no trace of the war left. But the war wasn't finished, and the people who left could not be found. So the Ark started to pull people from their homes to finish the fight instead.

✟ This game allows all characters from the series D.Gray-Man, be they canon or AU. Duplicates are allowed, OCs are not. To elaborate, a character must actually appear in the manga or the reverse novels to be playable.
✟ Play civilly with each other. Respect roleplay courtesy, do not powerplay, do not start drama, do not make your game mates uncomfortable. If there is a problem between players that cannot be resolved, contact a mod.
✟ Players are free to do as they choose (within making sense of the world, this is still Earth), and there are no prerequisites for joining or playing.
✟The entire world is available to explore, but keep into consideration if you send your character somewhere remote like Zimbabwe, you're not as likely to get replies. The Ark is online on all continents in all capital cities and is accessible to explore. However, any attempts to use it as a shortcut to reach the Order, the Branches, or the Noah base or their Ark will always result in the character getting thrown to some other, faraway city.
✟Death and resurrection are big issues in D.Gray-Man.
✟You are free to tag your location, but please use the format location: locationhere when doing so. It would be nice to keep them organized while allowing you to choose what locations you want.

Mod contact | ✟OOC community | ✟ NPC account | ✟Invite codes

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